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Enough (2018)

Enough is Faith Boblett's first full length album since 2013’s Oil & Water. The growth as a songwriter and on a personal level can be heard in every track on Enough. It’s not as much of a sonic departure as it is an awakening. You can truly feel that she has found her voice in every single track.

This album gives you a glimpse into heartbreak Faith was unwilling to give in to. Little “notes” she wrote to herself over the last five years, saying stuff she wasn’t ready to understand or hear or deal with. Not quite a break-up record, Enough is more of a pre-break-up record that is really a deep dive into her self-doubt and fear of failure and loneliness. Faith tried to embrace those feelings in order to move forward. Allowing vulnerability to be at the core of these songs from the beginning of the writing process to the end of the recording process, Faith can confidently say: I have found my voice and I trust it more than ever.

Tell Me EP (2014)

Tell Me is Faith Boblett’s second release, produced by Knol Tate. Faith delves deeper in these five songs, touching on issues like addiction, religion, and leaving home.

“These songs are fully-formed, totally grown-up, beautifully written. They possess a melodic strength that older songwriters would kill for, plus a lyrical deftness that speaks of careful time spent honing a gift.” - Jon Hunt, Le Toile Magazine (September 2014)

Oil & Water (2013)

Oil & Water is Faith Boblett’s debut release, produced by Brent Sigmeth. Faith was fortunate enough to work with Minneapolis music scene veterans such as Noah Levy, Jake Hanson, Wendy Lewis, Jim Gruidl, and her dad - Paul Boblett.

“Faith’s music crosses a few genres. I’ve heard the album and there is certainly the unifying element of the class “singer/songwriter” sound, but she veers into some country/blues influence and has a lovely stylistic range in her songs.” -Aaron Brown, Minnesota Brown (October 2013)