Clay [Music Video]

The music video for Clay is everything I hoped for, and more. My incredible sister, Kendra Boblett, basically made this happen. I tell her that I owe her a billion dollars, frequently. And if riches ever happen for me, I want you all to know - she’s getting at least half! ;)

In all seriousness, this song has everything to do with being a woman in this day and age. We are talked down to, we are disrespected, we are assaulted, we are blamed, we are not trusted when we come forward. This is disgusting, and is not something I am okay with perpetuating. I asked women-identifying people to please submit videos of themselves if the message of the song resonated with them. I was OVERWHELMED by the response I got… I even uploaded two videos to the wrong folder, so Marie and Nikki were missed (I’m so sorry!!!), and I hope they know I was serious when I asked if they’d star in my next video! Hehehe

Thank you again to my sister, Kendra, and to all that are involved in this video, and a friendly reminder to ALL women: you are loved. you are important. you are cherished. you are worth more than you know.

I hope you like the video. xoxox -faith

Faith Boblett